The professional pipeline inspection solution

Mini-Cam's Proteus has been designed to meet your needs in the real world: a system which is highly affordable, reliable, fully supported by experienced engineers, our "How To" video built-in support, highly expandable and - most importantly - future proof.


Proteus crawlers are available in 3 sizes 4", 6", and 12" and feature CAN bus technology, allowing communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, relaying control and status information such as activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature. The Proteus system also features ATEX compliant crawlers for use in potentially hazardous Zone 2 environments.


Designed and developed by Mini-Cam, Proteus crawlers are part of an entry-level modular system for the drain survey market and can be installed as part of our Custom Van Fit-Out service, or be fully portable with the Proteus Storage Cart and Proteus Battery Pack components, giving up to 5 hours of inspection in a highly compact solution.

the system

Highly flexible, modular, with massive capabilities
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Auxilary Lights

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Cable Reels