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Performance & Attention To Detail

The industry's leading performance is about doing all of the little things right. And as anyone whose been in this business long enough will tell you, the little things make all the difference. Together with our customers, we've created the perfect machine for catch basin cleaning, hydro excavating, and sewer cleaning. And we've done it in a way that means the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

MC Series Combination Hydro Excavating
GapVax MC1510


Simply Indestructible

When it comes to long-term cost of ownership, size matters. But it's not the size of the tank that matters. It's the size of the flanges, the pivot pins, the hydraulic tanks, the lift cylinders. That's the specs they never sell you on– that make the difference between "on the job" or 'in the shop".


Powerless Inspections

With GapVax, you can inspect your engine without starting it. Just unpin and rotate the hose reel, lift the hood, and you're ready to inspect. It's that easy. That means more convenience and safety for your operators. And because this kind of thoughtfulness extends well beyond the hood, mechanics love working on GapVax.

MC Series Combination JetVac


MC Series Combination JetVac

Strong Foundations

Safety starts with the frame. GapVax puts it's unitized tank low to the ground and between the chassis frame to keep you from tipping. The hose reel is mounted on the same dual frame rails, which extend far beyond the engine to improve the strength of the reel, keep the operator away from the cab, and extend the life of the bearing. The boom is rotated by a worm gear instead of a hydraulic cylinder, and the boom is lifted by two cylinders to minimize stress and maximize strength.


Ergonomic Design

The GapVax tube trays give you enough storage for 8 tubes at chest level. Say goodbye to reaching for racks and hoses. Say goodbye to twisted backs. In addition to our tube trays, we offer over 50 different types of toolboxes and tube storage, like our front bumper toolboxes with integrated nozzle racks.

MC Series Combination JetVac
MC Series Combination JetVac


Built To Last

At GapVax, capacity isn't just about how many gallons. It's about how many years. That's why we build our tanks out of grade 304 stainless steel. It's why we've got four independent, field-adjustable, over-center locks, and a stainless steel vee-wire filter. So if something goes wrong, you don't stop running. And when we say we've got a 10 yard debris tank, we mean we've got a 10 usable yard debris tank.


  • Single axle units with 4 - 8 yd³ debris body capacities and 500 - 1,200 gallon water tank capacities

  • Tandem axle units with 8 - 13 yd³ debris body capacities and up to 2,000 gallon water tank capacities

  • Positive Displacement Blower vacuum systems 3,500 cfm - 6,600 cfm, 16" Hg to 27" Hg

  • Boom 26' reach from centerline of truck 180° rotation

  • Unitized, cylindrical, water/debris tank with full longsill sub-frame

  • 3/16" non-corroding stainless steel water tank

  • Top-loading debris tank for maximum debris capacity

  • Full-opening rear door

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