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The GapVax / Wiedemann Recycler...
from the people who invented water recyclers
GapVax Recycler
GapVax Recycler Truck


German Technology

Made In America

As far as we know, GapVax is the only American manufacturer to build a European-style recycling truck in America. We partnered with Wiedemann Eviro Tec — the inventors of the water recycling technology for sewer cleaning trucks — to bring the world's highest quality recycler to North America.


Grease Is The Word

The difference between a bolt-on filter system vs. a system designed entirely for recycling sewer water cannot be overstated, especially when it comes it to grease. A bolt-on filter system will become clogged and useless, while a true recycling system will keep working, giving you the real long-term cost savings.

Bottom line: Bolt-on systems get clogged but the Wiedemann system keeps running.

GapVax Recycler Water Cleaning
GapVax Recycler Control Panel
GapVax Recycler Controls


The Easiest To Use

There are very few true water recycling systems on the market, and only one system that's also easy to use. The Wiedemann touch-screen control system takes care of all the valve switching behind the scenes, so the operator can focus on getting the job done.

GapVax Recycler

Hydro Excavating

Hands Free Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavating has never been easier. The GapVax Dig Tube ties the extendable boom to the large hose reel, giving you the ability to pothole, locate, and dig— all from the belly pack — all at a safe distance— with one man instead of two. The "easy deployment boom" lets you dig below grade without adding additional tubes. And if you prefer using a gun to dig, you can easily connect it to your small reel.

GapVax Recycler


Pressure and Dump

One of the most remarkable features of the GapVax-Wiedemann Recycler is it's ability to pressure off all liquids back into the sewer through the boom, leaving just the solid waste in the debris body. This prevents messes when dumping, and gives you the lightest possible load to haul across the roads.

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