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FROM 4" TO 15" PIPE***

This innovative reliable milling cutter is made of tempered steel and offers superior drive and thrust efficiency. The drive itself is made of tempered stainless steel comprising of one shaft and two double sealed bearings. This eliminates the need for any hydraulic motors and therefore any lubrication, ensuring years of low maintenance

The milling heads come complete with carbide bits duly bonded onto stainless steel bodies, one diamond center bit with cooling device and diamond bits. The Turbine ring with fins does not only increase the torque but also provides a straight tracking ability.

All milling cutters are capable of removing the toughest deposits such as hard grease, concrete and scale of all kinds, even tuberculation in cast iron pipes. Protruding tabs will be cut gently without damaging the line.

Blue Star Milling Cutter

***Must purchase carbide cutting bits

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